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You try your whole 20s to become a grown up, then you regret it all in your 30s.. Then you start to reach your dreams when it’s too late, you dnt feel the same that u used to feel.. And then you start to not letting this happen to your children..
And somehow your children become like you.. And same happens again.. Funny, huh..

My sister’s living us next week.. She’s going to Italia and then she’d go to USA to study on one of CA top ranking university’s.. I’m too depressed to hang around when she’s talking, I might cry.. So I dnt k where she’s going right now.. I dnt k when I can see her again.. And she’s getting too far.. Which makes it hard for us to visit :”( it’s too hard.. I k I’m not the person she likes.. I’d be always the little sister who doesn’t listens and is annoying and there’s nothing to like about her.. But I’d miss her.. She’s always there for me.. She’d help me even if I dnt want to.. I’d miss her so much:”((

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