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I punished her tonight.. She bit me for no reason, and I got angry.. Then I threw her in the room and dimmed the lights.. After 5 mins I checked on her and she was behind the door like begging and waiting for me.. 🙊

I’d rather to live like a child when I’m nothing like a grown up.. What’s the point when no body’s listening to you and don’t respect your opinion.. Then be who you are and accept what you are capable of.. Ppl are different.. They see, experience and feel in many different ways, and it doesn’t matter if they’re going fast or slow..

I love you.. Do you know that? @xbitch___ @annejwilliamson @redbread555 @robin49ers @talli_mark @bettylabom @maenalshammali @gelasia_ace @miikaryann @kantantan_f @kay_bakri @redmey @wannafly_ @bunnymaw @alyalameen @adeesla and .. I can’t remember more, sorry.. But❤️❤️❤️❤️

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