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I’m out of my mind!.. I can’t sleep.. Wats wrong with me? Why I’m not going to live like everything’s according to the plan? I’m so afraid with time pasting by I more realize it’s not gonna be easy for forever.. I’m so scared to let anyone know about me, not that iv given them too much info.. God pls help me.. Hp every girl who’s living in suffer.. GN

Hey guys.. R u missing me? Cause somebody’s not definitely!!
It’s summer and I think I should be here more than ever, but I’m not.. I watched “the last of us” gameplay by @theradbrad_official I dnt k.. I wanna cry right now, it was so emotional.. let’s move on.. I can’t take it..
Iv just began to go my game design classes.. And everything has just fallen apart when I wasn’t there.. We had to make a game, and I wasn’t there bc of those damn collage exams.. I dnt k what they gonna think, like I’m some sort of a lazy girl who’s doing everything but taking these classes seriously..
I hate how it’s going on…..
Wow.. There’s a complete silence over here..
Ok.. Gotta go to sleep

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